⭐️ Tim Shurr Peak Performance Resources! ⭐️

⭐️ Tim Shurr Peak Performance Resources! ⭐️

💪🏻Supercharge Your Personal Power & INfluence with Tim Shurr's Mesmerizing Books, Audiobooks & "Brain-Software" programs! 🧠

Meet Tim Shurr

I'm so happy we connected! Here is a brief overview of who I am and some ideas on how we may socially support one-another!

Skyrocket My Business

Are You Struggling To Take Your Business To The NEXT Level? That's About To Change! Have you ever had a...

Sales Mastery: Sales Coaching Program (Virtual Training) - Tim Shurr - Mesmerizing Leadership Keynote Speaker

Persuasion Strategies For Doubling Your Profits! Unique sales coaching and sales training using hypnotic language and non verbal communication strategies!

The Courage to Succeed - Instant Download Audio Coaching Course - Tim Shurr - Mesmerizing Leadership Keynote Speaker

The Courage To Succeed is a transformational coaching program written and read by author, Tim Shurr. Discover how to maximize your personal power!

Get Out Of Your Way! (2nd Edition) Tim Shurr (Softcover) - Tim Shurr - Mesmerizing Leadership Keynote Speaker

If achieving your goals feels like a struggle, get this book. It’s the cure for insecurity and self-sabotage and it will provide you with the latest cutting edge human performance technology! Author, Tim Shurr, spent 23 years facilitating thousands of coaching sessions using powerful peak performance tools including Hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to help people make fast and dramatic improvements in their lives. If you struggle with anxiety, panic attacks, post traumatic stress, or low self esteem, this book will provide incredible tips and strategies for shifting fear, replacing self-limiting beliefs, and feeling more confident! Most self-help books tell you what to do. This book gives you the tools and strategies for how to do it! Procrastination and deep-seated insecurities plague our world. You will not be able to attain the things and emotions you most want through effort and willpower alone. Positive thinking and desire is not enough. You...

You Have Fabulous Charisma! (Brain Software For The Road) - Tim Shurr - Mesmerizing Leadership Keynote Speaker

This special program will help you realize your potential and bring out the best of your personality. Experience dramatic results quickly. It's time for you to feel your best now! It is designed to transfer powerful affirmations to your Subconscious Mind so that self-limiting fears can be replaced with empowering beliefs.

Speaking With Ease (Speaker Success Coaching Program) - Tim Shurr - Mesmerizing Leadership Keynote Speaker

If the thought of standing up and speaking to groups makes you shutter, this program is a must! You will be led through several Peak Performance strategies that will transform you into a confident public speaker!

Incredible Self-Esteem (Brain Software) - Tim Shurr - Mesmerizing Leadership Keynote Speaker

​If you struggle with fearful thoughts or low self-esteem, this program will help “Re-train Your Brain” so you feel strong, confident, and secure. Discover how to feel inner peace as your self-love, self-acceptance, and self-belief grows stronger every day! This is the world’s most relaxing way to feel GREAT about yourself!

No More Cravings!

Eliminate your toughest cravings using powerful mind-training technology that's been developed after thousands of weight loss hypnosis sessions!

Jumpstart Your Success (Personal Development Bundle) - Tim Shurr - Mesmerizing Leadership Keynote Speaker

I've personally selected a set of empowering programs that have been used by thousands of people who were also seeking to improve their health, wealth, and peace of mind. Each program focuses on developing a specific part of you, so you have the ultimate advantage in life!

I Am A Sales Superstar! (Audio Video) - Tim Shurr - Mesmerizing Leadership Keynote Speaker

Awesome program for sales professionals who want to stay confident, motivated and effective.  You'll learn to generate more charisma and strategically influence others to do more business with you!

Sound Sleep (Audio) - Tim Shurr - Mesmerizing Leadership Keynote Speaker

If you have trouble falling asleep because your mind is so active at night, or if you have trouble sleeping soundly throughout the night, this program is the ANSWER to your prayers! The soothing music and suggestions lull your mind and body into a deep, restful sleep every time you listen!

Excelling Under Pressure! Turn Stress Into Success (Audiobook) - Tim Shurr - Mesmerizing Leadership Keynote Speaker

This digital download audio course will condition you with powerful new strategies for feeling calm, confident and in control, regardless of what's happening around you!

Stress Reliever (Audio) - Tim Shurr - Mesmerizing Leadership Keynote Speaker

Stress Reliever is an incredibly relaxing program will CALM your mind and body while generating feelings of security, validation, and increased self-esteem!

Tim Shurr - Online Stop Smoking Program

Ready to be free from smoking? Using Hypnosis Tim Shurr provides an affordable option designed to make it easy for anyone to comfortably stop smoking now!

Playing Like A Champion! (Audio) - Tim Shurr - Mesmerizing Leadership Keynote Speaker

Champions realize how important their mental attitude is. You've got to master the inner game if you're going to excel in sports. Olympic athletes and top professionals repeatedly condition themselves mentally as well as physically. Once you've got the mechanics down, the rest happens in your head!

Breakthrough Relationships

Breakthrough Relationships will provide you with powerful insights and strategies for creating happier, healthier r...

Lose Weight Easier - Take Control Over Food Free Webinar!

During this shocking program, you'll discover how your brain has been programmed to eat sugar, which is why you feel like you're fighting your own brain when trying to lose weight!

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